WooСommerce search by SKU, attributes, and product short description

By default, woocommerce searches by product title and description. To search by SKU, product attributes, and any other metadata (for example, the product price), you need to install the Relevanssi plugin . It can also make the search results more relevant to the query than the standard WooCommerce search.

To set up a search for WooCommerce products and categories, go to the plugin settings (Settings ->Relevanssi).

Indexing settings.

Post types select product and product_variation:

indexing settings


Taxonomies - select product_cat and product_tag:

indexing settings taxonomies


To search by attributes select all taxonomies with the pa_ prefix.

Custom fields - 'All' indexes all custom fields for posts.

To search for a short description, check the box - Index the post excerpt.

Click the "Save the options" button, and then the "Build the index" button.


Updated: 19.04.2020

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