Responsive Tables WordPress Plugin

Many WordPress themes can't handle tables probably on narrow screen. 

Plugin WP Responsive Table deals with it by adding horizontal scrollbar to HTML tables if its too wide.  


  • Working out of the box, additional settings is not required;
  • This plugin does not use shortcodes. It works with regular HTML table in Classic Editor, or in Gutenberg;
  • Customisable tables styles;
  • Table column sort;
  • Not increasing table height.


Table view with default plugin styles (click on the first row to sort):

Column 1Column 2Column 3
First row40Row 1 Column 3
Second row10Row 2 Column 3
Third row30Row 3 Column 3
Fourth row50Row 4 Column 3
Fifth row5Row 5 Column 3
Sixth row99Row 6 Column 3



Appearance settings:

Responsive table settings
Scrollbar on narrow screen (on Google Chrome for Android and many other mobile browsers it's invisible before touch)

How to add table into the post or page in WordPress?

The most simple way - install  TinyMCE Advanced WordPress plugin, wich will embed "add table button" in visual editor's toolbar.

Adding table in WordPress

Also  possible to copy-paste table from MS Word.

Another way requires to be familiar with HTML -  switch to the "Text" tab in the editor and build a table manually or copy this template: 

<th> Row 1 Column 1 </th>
<th> Row 1 Column 2 </th>
<th> Row 1 Column 3 </th>
<td> Row 2 Column 1 </td>
<td> Row 2 Column 2 </td>
<td> Row 2 Column 3 </td>
<td> Row 3 Column 1 </td>
<td> Row 3 Column 2 </td>
<td> Row 3 Column 3 </td>

Updated: 31.01.2019

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