Responsive Sidebar – plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce

responsive sidebar wordpress

The plugin allows you to make a responsive sidebar in WordPress and WooCommerce.

How it looks on the site

Sidebar on a large screen (WooCommerce filtres)
Sidebar on a large screen (WooCommerce filtres)


Responsive Sidebar settings:

You can select a sidebar in the settings, or enter the sidebar ID.

responsive sidebar settings

The ID can be found for example in Google Сhrome by right-clicking on the sidebar.

sidebar woocommerce


Most likely the child element of the sidebar will be selected.




You need the id of the parent element.


Updated: 16.01.2021

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Comments: 9

  •  Can u tell ,Where are the settings of plugin from where we can make swipping filter sidebar on mobile?

  • Hey,

    Just got the plug in activated but it changes nothing on the site, mobile sidebar still looks the same, the sidebar that I'm using is the woocommerce one, no sure if I need to check that somewhere, any ideas?

  • Hello, IS it possible to make thé sidebar Come from right instead of left ? Thank you in advance for this beautiful work. Ill make sure to support.

  • The sidebar is already activated and ok but when I try to press any option to filter the items doesn't work. Looks like there is no any link on the sidebar.

  • El complemento no trabaja en mi página con el tema Salient y el complemento clever layered navigation

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