WordPress plugin for defer offscreen images – Lazy Load Optimizer

Lazy load WordPress plugin

Lazy loading images to speed up sites page load speed in WordPress. Compatible with WooCommerce.

This plugin uses lazysizes – is the most popular, high performance and SEO friendly lazy loader for images.


Plugin features

  • Lazy loading images inserted in posts, pages, custom post types, text widgets;
  • Lazy loading image gallery, image widget, image gallery widget;
  • Lazy loading product images, product category images in WooCommerce;
  • Improves PageSpeed Insights Results, fixes error "defer offscreen images";
  • Lazy loading iframes;
  • Lightweight and fast.

Plugin settings

  • Image loading effects - spinner, or fade in;
  • custom spinner;
  • additional animation, setting its speed;
  • change the background of the image;
  • transparent background.

Lazy load plugin settings

How to use?

Just activate the plugin. Additional settings is not required.

What is lazy loadind?

Lazy loading is the strategy of loading resources as they are needed, rather than in advance. This approach frees up resources during the initial page load and avoids loading assets that are never used.

Images that are offscreen during the initial pageload are ideal candidates for this technique.

How to lazyload a background image?

In case you want to lazyload a background image via a class you can do so by using the addClasses option:

.bg-stage.lazyloaded {
background-image: url(lazyloaded-bg.jpg);
<div class="bg-stage lazyload">
    <!-- content -->

Updated: 17.04.2020

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