Submit multiple files via ajax form in WordPress

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To send multiple files, html will look like this:

<div class="file-upload"> 
          <input type="file" name="mail_file[]" multiple="multiple" onchange="GetFileName();" id="uploaded-file"> 
          <span>Attach files</span> 
<div id="file-name"></div>

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Questions and Answers FAQ plugin for WordPress

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wp questions and answers

This plugin adds a question and answer page in WordPress. They can be displayed either list or divided into categories. Display all the questions on the page, or each question will have its own page with the answer. Read more

Responsive Tables WordPress Plugin

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Адаптивные таблицы WordPress

Many WordPress themes can't handle tables probably on narrow screen. 

Plugin WP Responsive Table deals with it by adding horizontal scrollbar to HTML tables if its too wide.   Read more

How to add onclick to a link in WordPress

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If we want to add the "onclick" attribute to the link, then WordPress will remove it when saving the post.

To prevent this from happening, allow the use of this attribute:
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