Ajax Load More Pagination and Infinite Scroll plugin for WordPress

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Ajax pagination plugin for WordPress

The WP Ajax Load More Pagination and Infinite Scroll plugin modifies the standard WordPress pagination. After activating and configuring the plugin, the pagination pages will be loaded without reloading the page.


  • Ajax pagination;
  • “Load more” button;
  • “Load more” button and pagination;
  • Infinite scroll;
  • Customisable styles.

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Optimize the loading of WordPress sites. Setting Expires headers

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The expires Http header tells the browser that after it has downloaded the required file, it does not need to re-download the file for a certain period of time.

Using the expires header allows you to reduce the load on the server, as well as increase the speed of loading pages on your site. This also solves the "Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy" problem in the page load speed check service PageSpeed Insights (apart from third-party files, for example, this will not solve the problem with Google Analytics scripts). Read more

WooСommerce search by SKU, attributes, and product short description

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By default, woocommerce searches by product title and description. To search by SKU, product attributes, and any other metadata (for example, the product price), you need to install the Relevanssi plugin . It can also make the search results more relevant to the query than the standard WooCommerce search. Read more

How to remove the number of products in the WooCommerce category

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When displaying categories on woocommerce store pages, by default, the number of products in this category is shown in brackets. To remove it, add it to functions.php your theme has the following code:

//removing the number of products

function remove_count(){
 return $html;

Adding a short description in the WooCommerce product catalog

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Creating a function linked to the hook:

add_action( 'woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item_title', 'add_short_description', 9 );
function add_short_description() {
	  echo  the_excerpt().'<br />';

If you want the short description to be cropped, the code will look like this:
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Ajax form for WordPress

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Using ajax when submitting a form allows you to submit the form without reloading the page. In WordPress, this is quite simple to implement. Let's say we have the following call order form:

<form class="form-container recall-form-validate">
    <div class="form-title"><h2>Order a call</h2></div>
    <div class="form-title">Your name:</div>
    <input class="form-field form-name" type="text"  name="name" /><br />
    <div class="form-title">Enter your phone number:</div>
    <input class="form-field form-tel" type="text"  name="tel" /><br />
    <div id="submit-ajax" class="submit-container">
        <input class="submit-button" type="submit" value="Send"/>

Now we will write a script that handles the event of clicking on the "Send" button:
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How to display a WooCommerce shopping cart in the site header

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To display the shopping cart button displaying the number of products in the site header, add some code to the theme file header.php, which is responsible for output of the header:

<div class="s-header__basket-wr woocommerce">
    <?php global $woocommerce; ?>
    <a href="<?php echo $woocommerce->cart->get_cart_url() ?>" class="basket-btn basket-btn_fixed-xs">
        <span class="basket-btn__label">Cart</span>
        <span class="basket-btn__counter">(<?php echo sprintf($woocommerce->cart->cart_contents_count); ?>)</span>

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